Reserving the Back Room (Hawthorne only)

If you would like to reserve the backroom, please contact Fat Straw Hawthorne.

Fat Straw Hawthorne back room entrance fat straw hawthorne back room tables fat straw hawthorne back room chairs
  • Cost is $25 for up to 3 hours. Every hour after 3rd hour is $10 per hour. For example, Mary Jane wants to reserve the room for 6 hours... cost would be $55.
  • Room can SEAT about 10 comfortably. 20 people is ok for an informal gathering where people are in and out, and/or standing vs. sitting.
  • At the time of reserving the room, a minimum of $12.50 (half) must be deposited.This amount is non-refundable.
  • We do not adjust prices if a room is reserved for less than 3 hours. For example, a room reserved for 1 hour is still at $25 rate.
  • $25 fee does not go toward food/beverage purchase. Food and beverage is extra. $25 is a flat fee for reserving the room.
  • When reserving room, please submit your name, phone number, reservation date, time, and number of people.