Fat Straw History

The American Dream
Fat Straw, brain child of Steven Nguyen and Jenny Vu was born after the couple found the constant craving for bubble tea very apparent in their daily lives. What began as this daily treat bloomed into dreams, and eventually morphed into a reality of opening up their own place and having their favorite beverage forever on hand.
The Beginning
When we first opened our doors Halloween Day 2005, we had only a few simple goals in mind: provide excellent customer service, create a warm and unique atmosphere for everyone (including ourselves!), and introducing the world to the best, most unique and fun drink ever... BUBBLE TEA!
Bubble Tea
Here at Fat Straw, our signature drinks are concocted using only the highest quality ingredients we could find. We could use lower grade, less expensive products, but to ensure the most authentic, flavorful, and distinct taste; we import all these ingredients and our bubble-tea-exclusive machinery straight from Taiwan: birthplace and bubble tea mecca of the world. All of our bubble teas (aside from the decaffeinated Taro milk tea) contain fresh, daily brewed, top quality tea.
Stumptown Coffee - The Tao of Tea
In addition to these tasty beverages, we proudly serve Stumptown Coffee and Espresso, and loose leaf teas from Tao of Tea.
Located in the heart of the thriving upper Hawthorne District, Fat Straw is a treat that should not be missed!
Free Wi-Fi and Computers to use!
Fat Straw offers free wi-fi and computers for customers to use. Come on in, sit awhile, enjoy the artwork from local artists adorning the walls, and be prepared to have bubble tea be a constant craving in your life!

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